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A relevant person's representative (RPR)

If someone is being assessed under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, they must have someone to represent them. This person is called a relevant person’s representative (RPR) and will usually be a family member or friend who knows them well. They are given the legal power to represent them and ensure their wishes and feelings are considered. In cases where no friend or family member is willing or available, an independent paid representative can be appointed by the supervisory body (Kent County Council). Reviews take place as requested to ensure the authorisation is still necessary.

Death while subject to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

If someone dies while they are subject to Deprivation of Liberty authorisation, the coroner must be notified. The doctor attending the care home or hospital will do this. If the death is a natural death, then the coroner can proceed to inquest without the need for a jury. If the death is ‘unnatural’, such as an avoidable fall, or any other situation where neglect may be a factor, then a jury may be required.

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Last updated: 06/03/2023