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End of life care

About end of life care

End of life care is support for people who are in the last days, months or years of their life.

The care received should help you to live as comfortably and as well as possible until you die. Care providers should ask about your wishes and preferences, taking these into account as they work with you to plan your care. They should also support your family, carers or other people who are important to you.

You have the right to express your wishes about where you would like to receive care and where you want to die. You can receive end of life care at home, or in care homes, hospices or hospitals, depending on your needs and preference.

If you are approaching the end of life, or caring for someone who is, and you want to find out about the care and support available, your first step is to speak to your GP or to call the number your healthcare professionals have given you.

Useful Contacts & Information

Dying Matters Logo

Dying Matters
Dying Matters is a coalition of 32,000 members across England and Wales which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make plans for the end of life.

They provide access to information and resources to help people be more open about their own experience of end of life. They offer an opportunity to connect with an online community of people and offer a means to find help near you.

Hospice UK Logo

Hospice UK
Hospice UK is the national charity working for those experiencing death, dying and bereavement. They support the breadth, dynamism and flexibility of more than 200 hospices across the UK who care for over 200,000 adults and children every year. They help equip professionals with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to deliver care in any setting, support their local communities and to work in partnership with others. Overall, improving the quality of all palliative and end of life care by sharing good practice, innovative solutions and learning.

Their website has information and support on end of life care and hospices and finding the right kind of care for you.

Marie Curie Logo

Marie Curie
Marie Curie is the UK’s leading end of life charity. They provide frontline nursing and hospice care, a free support line and a wealth of information and support on all aspects of dying, death and bereavement.

Last updated: 23/02/2023