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There are many ways for everyone to enjoy an active lifestyle. Are you disabled or are you supporting disabled friends, family or clients to find new ways to be active? Getting fit can help improve certain physical functions to help with daily life, reduce the chance of obesity and provide general health and mental wellbeing. Whatever level of physical ability, there are options that are right for everyone.

Activity Alliance is the leading voice for disabled people in sport and activity. Established in 1998 as a national charity, they were previously known as the English Federation of Disability Sport.

Disabled people participate in sport and activity less than non-disabled people and are also twice as likely to be inactive. We call this the fairness gap, and they aim to close this gap within a generation by focusing on these two key goals: 

  1. Embedding inclusive practice into organisations
  2. Changing attitudes towards disabled people in sport and activity  

Activity Alliance | Disability Inclusion Sport

Last updated: 09/03/2022