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Carers assessments

A carer's needs assessment

A carer's needs assessment concentrates on the needs of the carer and the support needed to continue in their caring role. It looks at how caring impacts on the carer's wellbeing and if they are willing and able to continue caring. The Care Act 2014 gives carers the same recognition as the person they care for.

All carers are able to have an assessment of their needs regardless of their financial means or the level of support they provide. If the person who is being cared for does not want an assessment in their own right, the carer can still have an assessment of their needs.

When completing the Carer's Needs Assessment, the carer will be able to consider the different types of services and support available that will help meet their needs.

Who’s entitled

If you care for an adult who is elderly, frail, disabled or ill, you are entitled to an assessment to identify any support services that you need. This assessment is available regardless of the hours and type of support you give and is not means tested.

You can have a carer's assessment even if the person you care for does not get any help from the council, and they will not need to be assessed.

You don't need the permission of the person you are caring for to request a carer's assessment. You are entitled to ask for one in your own right.

How do I request a carer's assessment?

If you are over 18, to ask for an assessment to identify what support services may help you:

  • call or email your local carer organisation:
    • For Ashford, Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone and Hythe, and Thanet - Carer's Support East Kent
    • For Maidstone, Tonbridge and Malling, Sevenoaks (except Swanley) and Tunbridge Wells - Involve Kent
    • For Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley and Swale (except Faversham) - Imago
  • make an online referral to Kent County Council. If the person you care for does not live in Kent County Council's area you should contact the council covering the area where they live.

If you are under 18 contact Kent Young Carers for an assessment.

What will I be asked?

The assessment asks questions about how your caring responsibilities affect your wellbeing in different areas of your life.

When preparing for a Carer's Needs Assessment it is important to consider the following:

  • The effect of caring on your emotional wellbeing
  • Whether your health is affected in any way by caring
  • Whether you are able to get out and about
  • Whether caring allows you any time for yourself
  • Any effect of caring on your other relationships or responsibilities
  • Whether you want or need information about benefits
  • Whether you are worried you may have to give up work or education
  • Whether the person you care for is getting enough help and the right kind of help
  • What your goals and aspirations are outside of caring
  • Any cultural, spiritual, lifestyle or other needs you may have.
Last updated: 14/03/2022