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What is a Community Micro-Enterprise (CME)?

Community Catalysts - Unlocking potential, effecting change.

People with talents, passion and local knowledge run community micro-enterprises. They all aim to make a difference to the lives of local people.

Community micro-enterprises:

  • have 8 or fewer full-time staff or volunteers
  • are independent of any larger organisation
  • are set up in many different and creative ways such as: sole trader, partnership, small business, social enterprise, charity or voluntary organisation.

Community micro enterprises can support older and disabled people in Kent who need some care or help to live a good life. The type and level of support available varies between enterprises. Details of the enterprises available in your area, along with information about the support they offer can be found on the small good stuff community micro enterprise directory for Kent. Click here to access the directory*


Case Study 1 - Embark 21 CIC


Jill has been involved in charity work with a focus around  mental health for many years and became very aware of the need for more help and support in her local area.  She is now really pleased to be running an adult-friendly and professional community service in West Kent for adults who are struggling with their emotional mental wellbeing, as well as for the carers that support them.

What does Embark 21 offer? 

 Jill can offer private counselling (individuals or couples), life coaching and group workshops – fees apply – as well as free-to-access group activities such as wellbeing walks, arts and crafts sessions, gardening and coffee & chat groups.  

Our funded groups give you the opportunity to make friends and share experiences with people who understand what you are going through.  We offer confidential, self-help support in a very caring, non-judgemental and healthy environment.  Groups are run by a qualified mental health wellbeing Group Facilitator plus a volunteer.  We also have occasional speakers on wellbeing topics.

Below is a comment from someone who has attended one of the groups:

“I really value the group meetings.  I know I am not alone and there are many others going through similar things”


Case Study 2 - East Kent Care

Having worked in the care industry for some time, Connie saw that a lot of older and disabled people in East Kent needed a bit of extra help, not just with things like support to get washed and dressed, but also support to live their lives in the way they want, following their own choices, hobbies and interests. With the support of Community Catalysts and the Community micro-enterprise Project, Connie has set up East Kent Care with the mission of enabling people to have the care and support they need whilst staying in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

I have been working in the care industry, particularly domiciliary care for over 4 years and noticed that there is no capacity within the current care that is offered for a bespoke care service designed around the needs of the individual. Working in care is not just a career for me or something I do for financial reasons. I feel it is what I was meant to do and I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. I get such a lot of pleasure helping people and I could see there is a gap in the care market that desperately needs filling.

Connie - East Kent Care

Both Connie and the people she supports have been able to benefit from more choice and control over their lives. Connie has been able to create meaningful connections with the people she supports and find employment close to home that fits around her own life.

These are just 2 examples of the range of community micro enterprises working in Kent. For Details of the enterprises available in your area, along with information about the support they offer Click here to access the small good stuff directory*

If you would rather directly employ someone to meet your needs, click here to please visit our personal assistant page

Kent County Council are working with Community Catalysts, a social enterprise working across the UK to try to make sure that people who need care and support to live their lives can get help in ways, times and places that suit them, with real choice of attractive local options. The two-year project aims to stimulate the development and growth of community micro-enterprises that provide a wide range of help and support for older and disabled people at home and in the community. Helping local people use their energies and talents to deliver sustainable community enterprises that can support other local people, creating jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Some Community micro enterprises may provide certain support free of charge, other support will need to be paid for via a Direct Payment or a person’s own funds.

Click here if you would be interested in setting up a community Micro Enterprise -

*Please note this link will take you to the directory on the Community Catalyst website. The organisations found on the small good stuff directory have worked with Community Catalysts, their details have not been verified by Kent County Council.

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