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Kara Service

In partnership with RETHINK Partners and Alcove, Kent County Council have introduced the Kara service. 

The videophones are having a positive impact on many people's lives. With users being able to connect with long lost friends who they haven't seen in years. Others have been able to use the integrated Help@home app to order basic shopping.

The KARA Video Carephone is like a telephone, but with a video screen. It is very easy to use, will keep you connected to those most important to you and will allow your carers and support networks to check-in on you if you need, or would like them to.

You will be able to use the device to video call friends, family and your professional network as well as use some of the additional features the device has to offer.

Once you start using the device Alcove will link you to these key people to help you with your essential and social needs at any stage.

To find out more, please visit Kent County Council - Kara Service


Last updated: 09/03/2022